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10 Best Car Interior Accessories

Car interior accessories are designed to improve our lives. We spend a considerable amount of our time in the car. Whether it’s driving back and forth to work, completing errands, reaching appointments, or even traveling for fun, we rely on our cars to safely reach the destinations of our lives. Car interior accessories let us do all the things we want to do without compromise. Still, it is easy to get lost in the thousands of products available, making the shopping process more complicated and laborious than one would prefer. Luckily, we’ve organized a simple guide to the 10 best car interior accessories that does the hard work of researching for you.

1. Car Purifier

A car air purifier can help you reduce allergens, dust, and odors. Most are ionizers or fan & filter models and are usually plugged directly into the cigarette lighter socket.

This product can be especially useful for smokers. Cigarette smoke not only smells bad, continued smoke permeates into the fabric interior in cars, making it an unpleasant and noxious environment.

The best-selling FRiEQ Car Air Freshener and Ionic Purifier costs $19.99 on Amazon. It releases negative ions to neutralize odors and minimize contaminants like mold, bacteria, and viruses. It is easy to use, simply plug into the lighter socket. The small unit takes up little interior car space and works continuously.

2. Car Sun Shade

A car sun shade can make the interior of the car more comfortably cool. The shade is placed on the inside of the front windshield while the car is not in use and outside. You may realize the worth of this product after your car spends a full summer’s day exposed to the sun. The interior surfaces can become incredibly hot, and therefore difficult to touch.

The Coveted Shade sun shade is top-rated because it not only keeps the car cool, it protects the car interior from sun damage by reflecting UV rays. It also folds up nicely when not in use. The low price of this model ($13.99) makes it an excellent choice to control interior car temperature.

3. Car Backseat Organizer

In a car, we have little space, limited movement, and cannot safely multi-task while in motion. Therefore, products that can overcome these limitations have broad appeal. To keep needed items stored and readily available, especially for kids, many people choose backseat organizers. It also helps to reduce clutter, where you have to constantly search for your belongings.

As far as back-seat organizers go, we prefer the EPAuto Premium Backseat Organizer, available on Amazon for $9.87. It is made from durable, cleanable material and doubles as a seat protector, where kicks and scratches may damage the seat back surface.

4. Car Trunk Organizer

A car trunk/boot organizer keeps items from shifting and possibly breaking while in the trunk/boot of the car. It keeps things contained and easy to access. It can also minimize reaching and bending, making it ideal for people with limited mobility. Best of all, an organizer also makes it easy to bring home groceries without the milk rolling over in the trunk and crushing the bread.

The Zone Tech Three Pocket Mesh Storage Net adjusts to fit your trunk/boot and the items you want to transport. The high-quality polyester mesh is durable and stretches to keep all your items secure. You can buy it for $12.49 on Amazon.

5. Car Vacuum

Car interior accessories that help you keep your car clean are plentiful and popular. Many actions (eating, going to the beach, hauling equipment, and the presence of pets, just to name a few) invite dirt and crumbs into the car. A car vacuum is a must-have for keeping the interior neat no matter what enters the interior of the car.

The Black and Decker Cordless 16V Hand Vacuum (currently $54.80 on Amazon) has a lithium battery that holds a charge for up to 18 months. It has a slim nozzle for getting into crevices, its design also improves strength and efficiency. You can wash the bowl and filter to keep it working perfectly for a long time.

6. Interior Car Duster

Despite our best efforts, cars get dusty. A car interior duster helps keep dust and allergens at bay. When people and pets come and go, dust can collect, especially in crevices and untouched spaces. This can be a nightmare for people with allergies. Therefore, with frequent dusting, you can make the interior environment a lot more hospitable. Dusting with a tool specifically designed for catching and retaining dust is the most efficient use of time and energy.

The MINI MAV Interior Car Detail Duster can be used for the home and car. At $9.81, it is affordable enough that you can keep one on hand at all times. The flexible, compact design makes it ideal for storing and reaching tight spaces. The double-sided microfibre clings powerfully to dust, eliminating it instead of moving it around.

7. Pet Seat Cover for the Car

Taking a pet for a ride in the car is usually an enjoyable experience for both you and your pet. However, the hair your pet leaves behind can make cleaning afterward a near-impossible task. Compounding the problem, dogs can track in dirt, mud, and sand into the car. If you expect people to sit in the seat afterward, you have the colossal job of heavy cleaning to return the seat to normal.

Fortunately, a seat cover for pets, like the Epica Luxury Deluxe Pet Car Seat Cover can help cut down work and keep the upholstery free from hair, paw prints, claw marks, and accidents. This cover is quilted fabric, much like a comfortable pet bed, and can be washed as needed. At $26.95 on Amazon, this product offers value and comfort for your pet.

8. Car Wastebasket

It seems as though, no matter where you go, rubbish quickly accumulates in the car. You may initially decide to just use a leftover bag or plastic liners, but these fill up easily, are flimsy, and cannot hold some items like liquid, and if they tip over, then you’re back at square one. The solution is to use a high-quality bag that fits securely.

The JACO TrashPro Car Trash Can (available for $16.90 on Amazon) is made from strong polyester and will last a lifetime. The interior liner is waterproof, leakproof, and can be cleaned for continued use. It securely attaches to the seat back and contains a cup holder and mesh pockets for easy, mess-free car storage.

9. Car Phone Holder

High speeds, inclement weather, and distracted drivers all make driving a harder task, requiring attention and responsiveness from the driver. For instance, phone calls, and other features on a phone, often divert a driver’s attention and cause accidents, making operation while driving illegal in many parts of the world.

To make phone use safer, car phone holders like the Wuteku UltraSlim Magnetic Cell Phone Holder can be mounted on the dashboard and attached to your phone, allowing you to view the screen with your eyes still oriented towards the road ahead. It is a universal model and can be used on almost any phone or small tablet. It attaches with powerful neodymium magnets and utilizes a stainless-steel pivot joint that allows you to change the angle of your phone to what best suits you. It is a good investment at $21.95 (Amazon).

10. Car Emergency Kit

When an emergency strikes, it is often too late to think about buying a car emergency kit. For that reason, the prepared traveler would be wise to purchase and keep life-saving supplies handy in the car. Any number of things can happen on the road, and so shopping for a car emergency kit should include taking an inventory of possible scenarios and the tools required to address them.

While the 185 Piece AutoClubHero Car Emergency Kit is not cheap- $149.00 on Amazon, this exhaustive kit includes car emergency survival tools (tow strap, tire repair kit, mylar blanket, jumper cables, multitools, etc.) as well as a well-stocked 85 piece first aid kit. Emergency food and water rations, a safety vest, rain poncho, and utility knife are also included, making this kit superior to its competitors.


Whether driving is a rarity or part of your daily life, you can find ways to make your life easier and safer in the car. Interior car accessories are by design, products that solve problems we all commonly have. While they range in price, most are affordable and easy to install/use.

Adam Singal